About Us

Fogesa Group

We are a real estate business group specialized in the integral management of all types of real estate projects, especially residencial developments.

Integral Management

We take care entire process from the planning and drafting phase to the commercialization and delivery of the properties.


We develop our own developments or for third parties, especially housing cooperatives, forcing us to work with rigor and transparency.

We Create Value

In real estate developments under cooperative regime we apply it to a lower cost of the house in comparison with the existing conditions in the market. In the case of own developments and third party management we maximize the profitability of the investment..

Our Values


    We listen to our partners and customers, committing ourselves to always fulfill the expectations and showing loyalty towards whoever gives us their trust.


    We always want to improve, we are competitive and that is why we combine our efforts, our capacity and our passion to be the best.


    In addition, we believe in honesty and advice, we feel comfortable carrying out projects with less economic capacity.


    We believe in society, in giving back everything that has been given us to us in these years and that is how we promote to development of the real estate sector.

Our Vision

From Grupo Fogesa we want to be active participants in the market and develop real estate projects that add value to the sector. We do not want to go unnoticed.
We believe in collaboration, both nationally and internationally, because it is the new formula to activate the market.
We look for technological improvement because it the first window that allows you global access to any opportunity.
We bet to strengthen the relationship with the client and that it only achieved giving and added value, the confidence of having the best professionals in their hands.